Sunday, June 5, 2011

Too long since last post

It has been way too long since my last post! Many things has happened since October - here is a quick rundown -
1. Parker graduated from kindergarten.
2. Mollie is taking ballet and has her first recital on Saturday.
3. Mollie starts gymnastics tomorrow.
4. Parker got his green level 2 belt in karate.
5. Parker played on Astros in the Fall and the Reds this spring in baseball (which he LOVES!)
6. Parker is playing all-stars for the Northport Nationals this summer and is VERY EXCITED about it.
7. Parker has lost 6 teeth, most recently his top front tooth.
8. Madelyn Grace was born (she is our new neice - Leslie and Jeff's daughter). Mollie and I went up to Charleston, SC to spend some time with them when she was born.
9. We survived the April 27th tornado that came through Tuscaloosa. It was really bad and unfortunately many of our friends were not as lucky. :( However, Tuscaloosa will rebuild and be stronger for it!
10. We (me, Parker and Mollie) just got back from a quick trip to the beach with Mimi and Pops.
11. Nana and Papa's 50th anniversary is in the works and will be celebrated on June 18 in Fort Walton Beach, FL.
12. Mollie turned 3 in Feb.
13. I am really enjoying my girls group from church - just sad that 2 will be leaving soon. :(
14. I have been more busy in the past 5 days of summer than I feel like I have been all year long! Thankfully, things are starting to settle down.
15. I really need to be better about posting blogs. I really enjoy reading other people's blogs but unfortunately I just don't write enough. I will see if that can change, but I will not count on it.
16. I went to the National Championship Game out in Phoenix, AZ with my parents to watch Auburn win the National Championship against the Oregon Ducks - that was awesome! :)
17. Parker LOVED his kindergarten teacher, Miss Frick. We really wish we could take her to 1st grade with us!!
18. I am sure that are a lot of important things that I have not listed that occurred over the past 9 months - but I guess that the short version.
Until next time.......

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